Our Vision

The Women of UCSF Health group was founded in December 2018 with the vision to make UCSF Health the best place for women to work in healthcare. 

We want to Celebrate + Inspire + Empower with our UCSF PRIDE values.  So what does mean to us?



Equipping women to their utmost professional achievement


Leading the way for women to receive respect and recognition for the value they bring


Advocating for full equity for women


Leveraging the unique perspective of women within our diverse workforce


Celebrating the accomplishments of women

To learn more about UCSF's PRIDE Values and how they affect the organization as a whole, click here

Women of UCSF Health is run by a team of volunteers representing different branches of the UCSF Health organization. Click here to meet our people.

For questions, comments, or to join our mailing list please email [email protected].