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Sheila Antrum


What do you like to do outside of work?  I recently got back into gardening which I love because it’s an activity that involves planning.  You need to have a strategy, educate yourself, gather your ingredients and then go for it.  Some things come together, which is lovely, and some plants don’t work.  It’s part of the learning. In particular, I love growing orchids because orchids require patience, and in healthcare we have to have patience. We have to have a sense of urgency, but patience is important as well. 

As many people know, I’m a total dog lover. Right now I’m doing agility training with my dog Salsa because he is older, and we have to keep his brain going, just like I'm older and have to keep my brain going! It requires him to have a sense of balance on a balance beam or go through poles or tunnels. I see him figuring out the best way to get there for the treat. And it’s just like how I need to always figure things out and get better - continuous improvement.  I think animals provide such a great balance to people's lives

I also love coffee and not just for drinking, I truly admire the art of making coffee and what it brings in terms of social needs.  Coffee helps create moments, whether it’s enjoying a morning coffee or how it might uplift you in the afternoon.

What's an issue you think remains overlooked or under-addressed in terms of women in the professional world?   People think we have arrived when there’s one woman at the table or on a committee, and that’s not the point nor is it enough. How do we make sure that her voice is heard? Overall, there just isn't enough representation. We need to help women bring their voices to the table.

Why do you think Women of UCSF Health is so important? Why did you want to co-chair this group?   The biggest reason was the percentage of women in this organization who do incredible things, whether it's in research, teaching, or clinical care.  I can learn from the various women around me. I think there's a notion that when you are at a certain level you have “arrived”, when in fact I am learning more from all of the women in this group because we are in an ecosystem. I have learned from women throughout my entire life.  The opportunity for constant learning and improvement drew me to sponsoring this group.  And it's also a moment to give back. I feel like there is an opportunity here for me to lend support, guidance and advice as well as just listening to women who are here. For me, that's payback for the successes that I've had. 

If you could go anywhere for a day, where would you go?   Any place where I can sit with my friends and family and just talk, laugh, and enjoy each other. So it's not a favorite place per se, but that moment of celebration when I feel blessed because of all the good people around me.

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