2020 International Women's Day Recorded Content

Addressing Microaggressions: Exploring Options

Presented by the Office of the Ombuds.  Whether done intentionally or unintentionally, workplace microaggressions happen. Explore options for addressing them -  as either the recipient or bystander – by expanding your toolkit of responses.

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Leading Equity with PRIDE

Join Nancy Duranteau, Kelley Meade, Diane Sliwka, MD, and Lekshmi Santhosh, MD for a dynamic conversation about gender equity at UCSF. Learn how these women are championing diversity, equity and inclusion across both sides of the bay.

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The Importance of Mentorship

Do you have a mentor? These women do!

Let Kathleen Grusenski, Max Ferman, Min Zhu & Jennifer Hood tell you how mentors and mentorship programs at UCSF supported their career journey and helped them grow.



From Conflict To Collaboration

From Conflict to Collaboration - a principled approach.  In our fast-paced, high-stakes academic healthcare environment, it’s inevitable--and normal--that conflicts will develop within teams.  Learn about collaborative, principled negotiation skills that allow you to productively address conflicts without compromising relationships or the achievement of your goals. 

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My Sister's Keeper: Tips For Networking & Building Community

Join Alleysha Mullen, Learning & Organizational Development Consultant, for an evening of learning, networking and building community. Alleysha will provide strategies for overcoming social anxieties, building rapport and leveraging the power of relationships.


Dr. Louise Aronson presents Elderhood - What Do Sex & Gender Have To Do With It?

Geriatrician Louise Aronson, MD, is dedicated to uncovering revolutionary conclusions that will challenge our assumptions about aging and elderhood. Her New York Times bestseller Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, and Reimagining Life has been praised as a "monumental book about growing old in America."​


Guest Speaker Dilruba Malik presents Success In The Face Of Adversity

Join Guest Speaker Dilruba Malik for her inspirational talk on 'Success In The Face of Adversity'.  Learn more about Dilruba's incredible story here.

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UCSF Women Leaders Tell Their Stories

Hear stories from a panel of some of our amazing women leaders at UCSF: Eunice Stephens, Lisa Cisneros, Kate Shumate, & Stephanie Louie.​

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